Friday, July 2, 2010

table of memories

It has been since our graduation open house. All of the food is gone, coolers were emptied, a lot of dishes were washed, items borrowed have been returned, everything has been cleaned up and put away… except for this.


The table I set up. This was so fun to put together and it is always one of my favorite things about each grad party that we go to. It is so fun to see pictures, awards and other items that are important to each graduate- and it is always so interesting to see how each graduate’s table is unique to them.

On Tyler's table we had his 'Senior Poster.' This is a fun tradition that each family puts together and is laminated and displayed at the 'all night graduation party' that is held at the high school.








So yesterday I took the table down. Up until then, I just have not had the heart to take it down yet! I think somehow it seems so final- that graduation is really over. Plus it is so fun to look at these mementos and memories from Tyler’s years in high school and younger days.


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He & Me + 3 said...

I loved the through the years picture frame. I saw Soccer in there too. Great job on his table.