Tuesday, July 3, 2012

raspberry picking

I have been wanting to pick raspberries for years. The season overlaps the strawberry and blueberry picking seasons but this year I was determined to make it work. :)

Early Monday morning, my Mom and I braved the heat and humidity and headed out to Lorence's Berry Farm.


This was the first time I have been out to this farm and was super impressed by the quality of the berries & the friendliness of the workers. I also loved that there were not a ton of people out here which made for a peaceful, quiet setting- perfect for an early morning. :)


My Mom picking her berries.


I picked 7 1/2 pounds of berries.


That afternoon I made some raspberry jam.



And froze most of the remaining berries to enjoy later.


My only regret was that the heat was so bad that we were forced to end earlier than we wanted. I am thinking I might have to venture back out later this week for some more berry picking. :)

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