Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a Hockey Pasta Dinner

Monday, we hosted Jake's high school hockey teams (both the JV and the Varsity) for a pasta dinner before the big game on Tuesday. This is the second year in a row that we have hosted a pasta dinner and I am still amazed at how much food 37 BIG boys can eat!!!

There were 8 of us moms that prepared and served the meal.
We served:
 meat sauce, Alfredo sauce, 5 pounds of meatballs, 10 pounds of pasta, 75 bread sticks,
7 gallons of milk, a case of water, a large salad, and MANY desserts!!!


All ready and just waiting for the other moms to arrive with their food.


The tables were set up all though out our living and dining rooms- enough spots to sit 37 boys.



The boys showed up after their practice


ready to eat!!




The dinner was a lot of fun to host and appreciated by all of the boys... especially this one. :)


{It is just too bad that the pasta didn't keep Jake from getting injured at Tuesday's game }  :(  

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