Wednesday, December 21, 2011

an early Christmas Present

Unlike previous years; this year Drew's Christmas list was very short.

In years past, Drew's Christmas wish lists were very long and usually consisted of at least a few new pets for our house, like another dog and a hamster. :) So needless to say, after seeing this years list and seeing that really all he wanted was a ping pong table, we decided that we would finally give in.

The boys have been wanting a ping pong table for years, but we really weren't sure we wanted to add another big thing in the basement and take up valuable floor space--because we already have: Foosball, air hockey and a pinball machine. But since this is really the kids basement and where they spend a majority of their time and hang out with friends, we went our a few weeks before Christmas and bought the table.

We wanted to wait until Christmas morning to surprise Drew, but really there is no way to hide a big table for very long. :) Since Tyler was still at college, we hid the box in his bedroom for a couple of weeks, but he is coming home today.

So this morning, Pete had the big job of putting the table together.



I hung a sign on the basement door.


Drew got his big present a few days early, but he was sooo happy and immediately called a friend to come over!


Merry Christmas, Drew!


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