Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Spirit, Skating and Shopping

For many years now, Pete and I have talked that it would be really nice to spend a day together doing some Christmas browsing and maybe even get a little shopping done as well. It seems like we always have let the 'busy-ness' of the season get in the way, but this year we marked a day on the calendar and spent the day getting in the Christmas spirit.

Yesterday was that day. The day started early as we got the boys off to school,

but we had time to take in the glow from the Christmas tree,


enjoy a cup of coffee in a favorite Christmas mug,


and watch a beautiful sunrise.


We made a quick stop for one more cup of caffeine before we headed out for the day.


And then we were off to downtown Stillwater to poke around some of the cute little shops.



We stopped for some lunch at a cute little restaurant called 'The Mad Capper' right on Main Street in downtown Stillwater.


I didn't notice the sign in the window until I was looking though the pictures later, but it totally made me laugh!


{zoomed in}


After lunch, we decided to head over to Minneapolis and do a little ice skating at the Depot Rink. This is a historic train building that has been turned into an indoor skating rink and it is absolutely gorgeous inside!


The boys bought me new skates about 10 years ago for a Christmas gift- but as you can see they have never been worn. :) In fact, the last time I had ice skated was back in junior high!! Eek!!


Standing isn't too hard. :)


And on the ice, I was just fine if I had the wall to hang on to! :) Ha!

It did start coming back to me a little bit-- and I was just having so much fun!!


Pete and I had so much fun just skating around. listening to Christmas music and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere!


We enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate before heading over to Mall of America to continue our Christmas shopping and eventually a late stop for drinks and appetizers at the Cadillac Ranch after our shopping.


We had such a fun day and still managed to get a lot of our Christmas shopping done.

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