Thursday, October 20, 2011

Apple Orchard Traditons

Last Sunday was our annual fall trip to the apple orchard. We have been going to the Pine Tree Apple Orchard yearly since the Fall of 1992 (when Tyler was weeks away from celebrating his first birthday). So… this makes it our 20th year of making memories, enjoying family time, and getting some great apples and apple treats! This is one of my favorite family traditions!



The scenery at this orchard is so beautiful, especially on a sunny fall afternoon.



Our first stop was the tractor ride with a tour of the orchard.



Next was the corn maze.


There are letters scattered throughout the maze and the goal is to find all of the letters and unscramble them to make a word. A word that usually has to do with the orchard somehow.

Picnik collage

This always takes quite awhile but is a fun challenge. At this point, after only finding the letters R, R, and C-- 
 we texted Jake who was at home if he knew what the word was. He is SOOO good at things like this--
 and  he immediately texted back with the word "TRACTOR" ...

Picnik collage

And of course Jake was right! :)

After the corn maze we stopped at the pumpkin patch.


(When did Drew get taller than me??)



And then walked back to the apple barn

Picnik collage

to buy some apples and some apple treats.


It was another great day of making memories at our favorite apple orchard.

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