Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Blizzard of 1991

As we celebrate Halloween today, my mind is filled with memories from 20 years ago.


Halloween 1991 is one that Minnesotans will never forget and is for sure one that I will always remember. I was nine months pregnant and due any day!

(Ha! Even then I usually wore contacts but those glasses make me laugh!! Oh, and the hair!)

I remember earlier in the week, that the local weathermen were saying that there was a chance of snow on Halloween, but that it would definitely not stick. On Halloween, the snow did start falling around 11am and made the roads icy. The snow kept falling as I drove carefully home from work.

I remember Pete and I being cozy and safe in our little apartment and waking up on November 1st to even more snow—and it was still snowing. Everything was cancelled that Friday- which meant no work for us and an unexpected day off.

It snowed all that day and we soon realized that we were snowed in. We lived at the end of a very long road that winded though the townhome style apartments and they were just beginning to start digging us out.

I remember being so worried about what we were going to do if I went into labor. We could not get out and emergency vehicles were getting stuck everywhere and would not have been able to make it in.

Two blessings came with this situation. The first, my Dad was the City Administrator for the city we lived in and he said he would get a city snow plow through if we needed it. And the second blessing was that baby Tyler decided that he would wait out the storm. :)

The storm, which was being called the Halloween Blizzard, continued for 4 days with a total snow accumulation of 30 inches!!!

We finally were dug out of our apartment and made it back to work on Tuesday, November 5th. Pete drove me to work that day and the roads were still treacherous and traffic was horrible making for a very long commute. Late that evening, we were at the hospital and Tyler was born on November 6th! Our snow baby!

{It is hard for me to believe, but we have absolutely no pictures of this unforgettable snowstorm.}

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