Saturday, April 24, 2010

birthday boy

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy Jake!
15 years old today!


It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating his 1st birthday!!



(Oh my gosh, where does the time go??)

We celebrated his birthday a few days early because he is out of town with some friends for the weekend. (This does seem kind of weird to me to not have him home on his birthday- but I know he is having a great time this weekend.)

For Jake's birthday dinner he wanted me to make crab legs.

I was a little nervous to make the crab legs because I had never made them before and wasn't sure how they would turn out. I have to say that I tried to talk him into going out for dinner at a restaurant to get crab legs - but he really wanted me to make them. And when your boy asks you to make you a homemade dinner and tells you that he would rather eat at home than out at a restaurant... well, that just melts a mama's heart. And a mama makes that requested dinner! :)

And I am so glad that I did because it turned out to be so easy and they turned out great.

I used an Emeril recipe that was super easy. The recipe called for steaming the crab legs for 1o minutes in a big stock pot (in a steamer basket) with 1 clove of garlic, 2 lemons and 3 bottles of beer.


Jake loved the dinner!


And I made his favorite cake!


Happy Birthday, Jake!!


Stacey said...

It goes by waaay to fast! These kids are trying to make us old! lol

He & Me + 3 said...

Awww...what sweet pictures of your birthday boy. Time does fly doesn't it. Good for you making crab legs. I wouldn't know where to begin on that dinner.
Happy Birthday Jake! I hope your day was special.