Friday, January 8, 2010

hockey tournament- St. Cloud

Last weekend Jake had an out of town hockey tournament in St. Cloud, MN. The out of town tournaments are always a highlight of the season and really help bring the team together. These tournaments are something that the kids and the parents really look forward to and are a lot of fun!

So last Friday, Jake and I headed up for a weekend of hockey games, a stay in a hotel, fun with the team and parents, and very cold weather!





This is a picture that I took when it said -14 degrees but I did actually see it register at -22 at one point in the weekend! Brrrr!!



Stacey said...

Brrr... I just recently went to a hockey game, and I loved it. I wish my son would play, but he doesn't want to.

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Juliana said...

I know!!! It is sooooooo cold!!!!! BRRRR

I am also using Leslie to makeover my blog. Yours looks amazing!

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Jan said...

I took a similar picture of the temp in my car and posted it on my blog too! Great minds think alike. I also am a hockey mom (found you via Tina Vega) and am wondering how you get such clear pictures in the ice arenas?

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Warming up today : )