Saturday, January 23, 2010

gold medal

A couple of days ago, Drew's hockey team had a special guest come and talk to them before their practice.

'Coach Pete' had arranged for Eric Strobel, from the gold medal winning 1980 Olympic Hockey team, to come and meet with the team. This was a special treat, especially with the Olympics starting in a couple of weeks.

Eric did a wonderful job talking to the boys about his experiences playing for the Olympic team and for Herb Brooks. He also motivated the boys to work hard, skate whenever they can (especially at outdoor rinks) and to do a lot of stick handling.

The boys have all seen the movie "Miracle" many, many times; so meeting Eric in person made a great impression on them.

They asked a lot of great questions, and were thrilled when Eric passed his gold medal and ring around for the boys to look at!



Eric was gracious enough to take a picture with each of the boys and let them each try on the gold medal. Very cool!


A few of the boys also brought some USA jersies and sticks that Eric also so kindly signed.


It was a special night for Drew's hockey team and I think one that they will remember for years to come.

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