Thursday, June 19, 2014

Memory Lane {record rain}

Another day of pouring rain. This has been such a rainy spring and summer and each time it rains I run downstairs to check and make sure the sump pump is working and we have no water problems. After the flooding we had in April and the restoration that has been done, I am worried each time it rains.

Pioneer Press tweeted; '4.13" of rain fell @mspairport, the 6th wettest calendar day since 1871. Number 1? You might remember: 9.17" on July, 23, 1987."

And I do SO remember that day! It was the summer after my freshman year in college and I was home at my parents house. Relatives were visiting from Illinois; our Aunt, Uncle and favorite cousins, Cindy, Sandy and Sheri. 

My sister, my cousins and I had gone shopping at Ridgedale mall for the afternoon and is where we were when the storm hit. The sirens were going off and everyone in the mall was told to go to the storm shelter areas. At some point, I had called my Mom from a pay phone (this was before cell phone days) and told her we were ok and were going to be late. :) 

We waited in the shelter area for quite a while and then decided that we would brave the elements and leave for home. I remember taking off my shoes and running barefoot through the flooded parking lot to get to the car. I picked up the girls from the entrance and we started heading for home. 

I remember it raining so hard that I couldn't see the road. I remember all the roads that were just flooded over. I remember seeing cars stranded everywhere. I remember not understanding how dangerous it was to be out driving as we were laughing and laughing at how funny our situation was.

The story goes, that my Mom, Dad, Aunt and Uncle were at back at my parent's house worried about us-- but had just said; "At least they are safe at the mall" when the heard the garage door open and the giggling 5 of us come through the back door. :) Kids!

These pictures were taken the following day just down the road from my parents house.

Minnetonka flood 1987
(People that lived on this road?)

Minnetonka flood 1987
(Cindy, Sheri, Sandy, Kim... and I was taking the pictures :)

It is funny how a current event can trigger a memory from so long ago.... something not thought about in years.

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