Wednesday, September 4, 2013

memory lane {Des Moines}

We moved A LOT when I was little, and for three of those years I lived in Des Moines, Iowa. On our way home from the family wedding in Kansas we drove right through my old home town. We made a stop for lunch at an old favorite pizza place, Felix and Oscar's. {Not exactly like I remembered after 30+ years, but still worth the stop!}




After our pizza lunch, we drove by my old house. The house used to be 'farm house red' and my old bedroom was the double window in the front right of the house. My room was bright yellow with sunflower wallpaper! {I am still in love with sunflowers!!!!}



It is funny; I was telling Pete and Drew that I remembered our street being very busy traffic wise and now looking at it- it was so quiet! :) I think only one car passed the entire time we were on the street. :)


Our old friend (and surrogate Grandma) Mrs. Lause's house. She was a little old lady that lived a couple houses up from us. My sister and I would visit with her all the time; chatting, playing cards, helping her in the garden, baking and whatever else she was up to at that moment.


Des Moines was a fun stop on our way back home and brought back a ton of childhood memories. :)

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