Wednesday, October 3, 2012

memory lane {leaves}

The seasons have changed from the warm sunshine of summer to autumn's beautiful array of color.


Seeing these leaves which now cover our yard; always makes me remember a story of Drew and his neighbor friends back when they were just little munchkins.

Our neighborhood was only a couple of years old, with all new houses and new landscaping, which meant all of our trees were little and didn't have many leaves on them. Drew and his friends desperately wanted a leaf pile to jump in-- and so the grabbed a wheel barrel and headed house to house around the neighborhood collecting leaves to make that leaf pile. So cute!!

{Drew is the second from the left}

I look at these trees now and see how much they have grown- just like the boys who are all now freshmen in high school-


and think how much those boys would have loved all these leaves. :)


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