Friday, October 26, 2012

Italy :: Day 8 Home Again

Our last morning in Italy... I can't believe it! We had so much fun, saw so many great things, made so many new memories & had some amazing family time. All 5 of us. :)



Our driver picked us up in the morning from our hotel, and before heading out to the airport we dropped Tyler off at the hostel he was staying at for the night, before he heads out to Athens. This was so hard leaving him, in the middle of Rome, by himself (well, he did have a friend meeting him later that night at the hostel...but still :). I gave him a giant hug, with a tear in my eye. I knew he would be fine, but I missed him already.


At the airport in Rome, Drew needed his last gelato fix before leaving Italy. :)



Flying over the Swiss Alps.


Our last flight, leaving from Amsterdam.


Back to Minneapolis...home from an amazing week!!

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