Monday, September 3, 2012

weekend lens {labor day}

Our weekend started off early. Thursday we had Jake's senior pictures taken.


Jake had decided that he really wanted Jon Cochrane Photography to take his pictures. Jon used to be an art teacher at the high school and has done a lot of Jake's friends pics; especially the sports guys. This shot is pretty cool. :)


Friday afternoon was spent with a couple of friends. I had sent out an email the night before with a specific prayer request and within minutes, schedules were cleared and the afternoon was planned.  Friday brought warm sunshine, sitting by a backyard pool, talking, a Panera salad lunch, and prayer. True friends. Love them.


More treasures from the weekend...
 not one, but two bonfires.



And we had a chance to talk with Tyler via Skype for the first time since he left two weeks ago.


We laid low for the weekend because Drew ended up with a respiratory cold which brought a trip to Urgent Care. We needed him to kick the coughing crud so he would be feeling better for the first day of school on Tuesday.


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