Sunday, February 13, 2011

project 365 {29-35}

Day 29


Semester grades came out and Jake earned higher than a 4.0! He has been working so hard at absolutely everything he is doing- between school and AP classes to high school hockey where he spends 3 hours after school every day at practice! We couldn't be more proud and decided to give him a little reward for all his hard work!  And nothing speaks to a teenage boy's heart quite like fast-food gift cards! :)

Day 30


Drew holding his DNA model project for science class.

Day 31


A very cold winter day seemed like the perfect day to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
{My recipe for perfect chocolate chip cookies can be found here.}

Day 32


A yummy salad that I made for dinner with just a bunch of things I had in my fridge:
spring mix greens, tomato, broccoli slaw, red pepper, red onion, turkey lunch meat, sunflower seeds and  drizzled with my new favorite- 'strawberry basil balsamic vinegar'.  Delicious!!

Day 33


Pete is definitely the handyman around our house and he can fix almost anything. On this day his skills were greatly tested by Jake and Drew. Drew had a broken Kindle. And Jake brought home some pieces of his goalie gear that needed fixing- a strap on his leg pad came off and the string in his glove had broken. Thank goodness we have our very own handyman!! :)

Day 34


Breathtaking sunrise.

Day 35


Jake and I were chatting in the living room on a very cold evening and as I was complaining about being frozen he was sitting there in his normal year round attire- shorts and a t-shirt. I asked him how he could not be cold and his answer to me was; "I am a Minnesota boy."  Makes sense to me.
{picture taken with phone in very low light}

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