Thursday, November 11, 2010

a birthday weekend

This past weekend we celebrated two birthdays.
Tyler, my oldest, turned 19 on Saturday!!!
Drew, my youngest, turned 13 on Sunday!!!

All three of my boys are teenagers now, which is SO completely hard for me to believe! It really, really does not feel that long ago that we were celebrating each of their first birthdays!


(Drew at one year old.)


(Tyler at one year old.)

As much as I miss those days, I am so extremely proud of the young men they are becoming! They each have so much character, intelligence, humor, and caring hearts!

The weekend started Friday afternoon, with me driving to go pick Tyler up from college so he could come home for the weekend. I love that time when we are driving home and we have that time to chat and catch up on everything- with no distractions. Love it!

That evening Tyler and I headed to a MN Wild game. Which gave us more time to visit. :)

Saturday was Ty’s birthday. Did I mention he turned 19?!?! :)


In the afternoon, we had some family over to celebrate the November birthdays: Ty’s, Drew’s, and mine.



My mom surprised me with my favorite homemade birthday cake, a Cannoli Torte. I will have to share this recipe soon- it is so good!


Saturday night I started making cinnamon rolls for Drew's requested birthday breakfast.



Sunday was Drew’s birthday. Did I mention he is 13?!?! :)


Drew had 6am hockey on his birthday which he thought was unfair.
We turned the clocks back on Sunday, which resulted in Drew having a 25 hour birthday. This he thought was very fair!

That evening we went out to Osaka Japanese Steakhouse. This place is so fun, the food is SO good, and there is a ton of entertainment. Plus, you get to wear a cool mask when they sing happy birthday!! :)




The weekend was fun, busy and blessed! And we were so happy to have Tyler home for a few days!! How many days until Thanksgiving break??

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