Monday, August 23, 2010

move-in day

Yesterday was a day that I have been anticipating with excitement but yet at the same time not exactly wanting the day to arrive. I am not sure that makes sense… except to say it was the day that we moved my oldest boy to college.

This past week was a flurry of activity with shopping for all the last minute necessities, packing, and saying goodbyes to friends and family. And doggies.


For me, yesterday came way too soon! I look back and wonder how Tyler could possibly be old enough to be going to college. But he is more than ready… and so therefore, I must be ready too.

The whole move-in day was amazing! We arrived on campus at about 10am. On the road into campus we were greeted and welcomed by many ‘student orientation leaders’ and faculty. Each car was stopped and welcomed and then directed to the appropriate dorm. When we reached the dorm our car was then met with a ‘move-in crew’ (all wearing lime-green t-shirts) who unloaded our car and brought all of Tyler’s stuff up to his room. We did none of the moving! All we had to do was go and park the car and then head up to his room to start unpacking! Wow!




The day was filled with events for the entire family and included a family picnic, parent meetings, and a resource fair. Families were really encouraged to spend the day on the campus participating in all the different events- which we did. It was such a beautifully planned and welcoming day.

Tyler walked us to our car at the end of the day.


I thought I would be so sad and an emotional wreck when it was time to say goodbye and for sure on the drive home— but I wasn’t. Ok, maybe I was a little sad- but mostly I felt peace and happiness, knowing this is exactly where Tyler should be and that he looked completely secure and ready to take on this new chapter of his life.

As a parent our job is to raise, teach and guide our children so they can spread their own wings and soar on their own. And I am proud to say that I think I did my job well.

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Gramma said...

Kathie you and Pete have done a wonderful job in raising three terrific boys! Dad and I have been able to reap the rewards of being a part of your loving family! Thank you for Tyler, Jacob and Drew! We couldn't be prouder!

Love you all,

Mom and Dad