Monday, August 30, 2010

college memories

Dropping Tyler off at college last week brought back a wave of emotions and also brought back so many old memories. Memories of when I was in college.

It really does not seem like that long ago that it was me being dropped off at college by my parents. It was a different school and a different time- but I have to believe that some of the same feelings were going through my boy as we dropped him off at his school?? I remember feeling such excitement, a little nervous, such excitement, wondering if I could figure everything out, a little sad, and such excitement!!

It really does not seem that long ago that these pictures were taken!

*photo of me in Pete's dorm room*

*Photo of Pete in my dorm room (my side was the messy side!! :)

I am so excited for my boy and this next chapter of his life... and for him to create his own memories of college life!!

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