Tuesday, May 25, 2010

last few weeks in review

Life has been going full-speed ahead lately... and I would be very happy if it slowed down just a tad!

It seems like the end of the school year is always so busy with all the extra 'end of the year' activities but then you add in all the "senior stuff' and  it just gets plain crazy.... But good crazy and I wouldn't trade a second of it for anything. :)

I have had so much that I wanted to blog about these past few weeks- but just not the time to do it. But because this is our family's online scrapbook, I am going to do a quick recap of some of what has been going on these past few weeks.

• Mother’s Day was a beautiful, special day and I am always so thankful to have time to spend with my boys which always means the world to me. One special gift was when Drew surprised me on Farmville (on Facebook) with a Mother’s Day present. He logged onto my account (sneaky little guy :) and put this cute little yellow Victorian House and a whole bunch of Mother’s Day stuff on my farm. So when I logged on to my account I was very surprised. Such a sweetie he is.



• I was so lucky to finally got Photoshop and I have been having such fun playing with it!
 But… there is soooo much to learn.


• Jake got his driver’s permit and has started driving. (yikes!)

• Drew has been playing a lot of baseball- one tournament so far and many league games.




• We have been busy getting ready for Tyler’s graduation and open house.


• This past weekend we went to one of my very favorite places for the first time this spring- the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. I found a bunch of flowers and some rhubarb and can’t wait to go back next weekend to find some more goodies!!



• Our puppy-dog went to the pet salon this week for a little make over. She was looking a little scruufy and came home with an all new look. :)


~after~ :)


• Jake spent his birthday money on a new TV.


• A few more pictures from Tyler’s senior prom.
(These photos were taken by his girlfriend's parents.)




• And I just found out yesterday that my sister is expecting baby number 4!!!
Squeal- I am so excited!!! Another baby in the family! :)

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Jan said...

You are one busy lady! I can't imagine all the extra senior stuff too--open house especially. It is an exciting time for you and your family...enjoy.

I am jealous about photoshop...