Friday, February 12, 2010


Last Saturday, after spending the night with ghosts, :) we did some snowmobiling at the North Shore.

Let me start by saying that neither my husband nor me have really ever done much snowmobiling before.

My one and only snowmobiling experience happened when I was about 5 years old. I remember wearing my favorite purple snowsuit (because doesn’t a girl always remember what she was wearing:) and riding on the back of a snowmobile while my aunt drove us out to a field. And then we broke down. I can’t really remember how we got back and this was the day before cell phones, so maybe we just walked back. But I do remember having a lot of fun!

My husband only has been on a snowmobile once before as well, so needless to say we were both novices when it comes to this sport. But the place we rented the snowmobile from was absolutely wonderful and explained in detail everything we needed to know.


We hopped on the groomed trails and spent hours just tooling around and enjoying the beautiful winter day.

(adorable helmets :)

It was so picturesque out on the trails; the trees had heavy snow on them and these pictures can not even begin to capture the beauty.



(a shelter)

(me driving)

We had such a great day and immediately upon finishing; started talking about when we could go again!


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Ohmygosh, that looks FUN!!! And very pretty...