Thursday, February 4, 2010


Life has been pretty quiet this past week or so. And I have to say I kind of like it!

I love the quietness, especially after the busyness of the Christmas season. We have settled into our winter routine of school, hockey, indoor soccer and other miscellaneous events. And although we have been busy, there really has not been much to blog about. Which is ok, and actually it has been kind of nice to have a little break.

And besides, all of my computer time lately has been on Facebook... playing Farmville. :)

Drew got me started on Farmville...just to become his neighbor...because he needed just one more neighbor...and now I am hooked! And  I can't stop!


But, I did finally pick out a paint color for our living room!! We bought the paint and  I am going to start painting in the next few days. :)


We also bought a new chair for our Great Room and had some great 'delivery men' bring the new chair in.




But the chair was too small for the spot so the new chair was returned and a different chair was purchased.

And the new, new chair was brought in and set up.


And I like it much better! :) It is a recliner and it is heavenly!!

And something just for fun~ that makes me laugh... this is a video of Tyler and a some friends, earlier this week, at the pep fest at school..

(Ty is the one somersaulting over all his friends and the one being thrown in the air!!)

And, um, ya, I think he is having a little bit of fun his senior year!! :)

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