Saturday, November 21, 2009

pioneer woman

My friend Deb and I decided to head out to Mall of America today for Pioneer Woman's cookbook signing.


Pioneer Woman was scheduled to start at 1pm so we thought if we got there early we would get through the line pretty quickly. Ha! This is what it looked like when we walked up at 11:15!


Lots of people! Lots and lots of people!! And this picture is only part of the line and taken early on. There were hundreds and hundreds of people waiting for the Pioneer Woman!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think the line would be this long! I really thought there can't be that many people in the Minneapolis area that blog and that would know about her. Ha! Let's just say that there ARE a lot of bloggers from Minnesota and now I know!

We watied in this line for a long time!!! 5 hours to be exact!!! My feet hurt- but it was worth it!!!!(right Deb?!?!) I was so excited to finally meet the Pioneer Woman!!!!
And we met some lovely ladies in line.
And we got to see Marlbaro Man, and their 2 completely adorable sons who were signing books at a table outside of the roped off area where the line was. So this all entertained us for a little while.



And then there was a little bomb scare. Seriously. When we were almost to the very front of the line, someone noticed a suspicious unattended bag that was way off against a wall. Securtiy came. They started moving people way back and were waiting for dogs to come to check the bag out when a young lady farther back in line said that it was her bag and it just had cloth diapers in it!!! I have to admit that I was just a little nervous there for a minnute or so and after almost 5 hours of waiting I really didn't want miss my chance to meet Ree and get my cookbook signed! =0)

IMG_3584a IMG_3588a


Now I can't wait to sit down and look through the cookbook and find some good new recipes to try!


Deb said...


The pictures are all really good!!! You look beautiful with Ree.
p.s. beware of the strange lady on your back

Angel said...

Great post! I hadn't heard about the bomb scare yet. Fun to find myself in your view from the 2nd floor. I'm in the bottom right corner, turquoise sweater with a brown bag over my shoulder. "Hi!" :)