Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Notre Dame weekend

This past weekend, while we were busy celebrating birthdays, Jake had the opportunity to go to Notre Dame with his good friend. Jake and his friend R met in preschool and have been friends ever since.

over the years R has invited Jake many times to go to Notre Dame with him and his family but for various reasons it has never worked out. Until this weekend! Jake had so much fun!

And I was so happy when Jake came home with pictures from the weekend! His friend's mom had taken a bunch of pictures and even had them printed out before they came home! Yeah!




This next picture is of Jake making the touchdown sign in front of "Touchdown Jesus".

Wikipedia says: The stadium is known for its view of "Touchdown Jesus", a nickname given to the large mural by Millard Sheets of the resurrected Jesus entitled "The Word of Life", located on Hesburgh Library, which looms over the stadium mirroring the raised arms of a referee signifying a touchdown. The stadium expansion had the side effect of partially obscuring the view of Touchdown Jesus from the field.




Jake and R at the football game.

Jake and Riley

Jake had such a great time and came home with a lot of great stories and memories!

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Anonymous said...

Love the photos :)
Lats ones a good shot of the boys and the field in bg. :)
Do you happen to have a button I can link to you?