Sunday, April 13, 2014

like a little kid

I tweeted on Friday morning; 'So many fun, happy & exciting things planned for this weekend that I could not sleep last night! #LikeALittleKidBeforeXmas And that is exactly how I felt!

Friday evening I met up with two friends from high school that I haven't seen in over 20 years!!


We met at Sea Salt Eatery in Minneapolis. It was a gorgeous evening and the weather was absolutely perfect for sitting out on the patio right by Minnehaha Falls. We spent almost 4 hours reconnecting and catching up on each others lives and really in no time at all we were back in sync with our old banter and jokes.  So much laughter and happiness with true friends that filled my heart! And we have made plans to meet again soon!

Saturday evening Pete and I headed up to see Tyler. We were meeting him, his girlfriend Maria and Maria's parents for dinner. It was a nice dinner talking about family, graduation and future plans.

After dinner, Tyler and I headed back to SJU campus for the 'Mom Prom' that junior and senior students and their mom's are invited to.



We had a great time hanging around Ty's friends and their mom's, chatting & dancing. :) Thanks for inviting me Ty!

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