Tuesday, March 8, 2011

project 365 {50-56}

Day 50
{February 19th}


Drew had a weekend tournament in Duluth.
It was a fun weekend and Drew come out of the tourney with 4 goals and 3 assists!

Day 51
{February 20th}


Our drive back from the Duluth Tournament through a snowstorm that dropped 18 inches of new snow.
Not fun!!

Day 52
{February 21st}


Jake had "Skate with the Panthers." This is where the youth hockey teams come out and skate with the Varsity team. They skate, have little games, share some treats, and give tours of the Varsity locker room.

Day 53
{February 22nd}

A book I have just started reading and am loving.

Day 54
{February 23rd}


A favorite comfort~ my Ugg slippers.

Day 55
{February 24th}


I woke up to this on my kitchen counter. :)

Day 56{February 25th}


Drew at batting practice.

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