Friday, March 12, 2010

I am from

Yesterday, at conferences, Drew shared with me a poem that he had written for one of his classes. The assignment was simply to write a poem that had at least 16 lines. I had tears in my eyes (in a good way) while he was reading this out loud to me. I thought it was such a beautiful poem and I could tell he had put so much thought into it and his choice of words. This poem completely sums up Drew and what is important to him. I LOVE it!


I am from
by Drew

I am from the smell of fresh painted rooms
And the trees in the woods
I am from golden fur and the loss of pets
I am from XBox 360 and PS3,
From the Black Eyed Peas and 3 Doors Down
I am from home made meals from every cultture
And tons of relatives
I am from metal in my arm
And broken bunk beds
I am from Busy Nights.

I am from Chicago
Where the B.... Family Tree lies
I am from Minnesota
Where the A.... Family Tree lies
I am from Hockey Sticks and Baseball Bats,
From Church every Wednesday and
Preschool at Hosanna,
From O... Elementary and
From a busy bus stop
I am from Golden Retrievers.

I am from Caribbean Cruises
And the scar on my arm
I am from a circle street
And a big back yard,
From walking my dog
And chasing her around
I am from a good life.


Jan said...

Sweet! Don't you love assignments that really make them think, especially about who they are? That is definitely a keeper!

Gramma said...

Wow! This is really special. What a kid!