Friday, February 20, 2009

My night...last night

This is a text I sent Pete last night....

"Boy that was a stressful hour!!!! Drew was packing his hockey bag for his game... First- no neck guard AND no mouthguard... So we stop at LA- we get a mouthguard and get his skates sharpened but no youth neckguard -he tried on the adult one, but did NOT like that one.

So we stopped at Varsity on the way to rink -but they were closed. So I dropped him off at the rink and went back to LA and bought the adult size neck guard. I text Drew that I'm on way back to the rink with a neckguard- he texts back and says he borrowed one (ARGH!!!) BUT he forgot his jerseys (ARGH!!!) So I turn back around to go home to get jerseys! And on my way back to the rink... I run over a skunk!!!!!!!!!!!"

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